Practice Areas

Arbitration & Litigation

Arbitration or conflict resolutions are areas where we are resourceful. We work in partnership with International Arbitrators and attend conferences be they in America, Europe or in Africa.

Banking & Finances

We have been trusted by banks, be it in the recovery of bank monies, be it in commercial litigation, be it in simple secured or unsecured bilateral lending to multifaceted and complicated credit facilities.

Banking & Finances

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Company Law

We assist in the incorporation of businesses (companies, partnerships and trade names etc …) We also advise on legal requirements for the transfer or transmission of company shares, allotment of shares, take-overs and mergers of companies, winding up, receivership, taxation, insurance of companies & allied matters .

Commercial real estate

This covers real estate transactions. The scope of this practice includes, buying and selling of property, leases, securitising real estate assets, commercial property management contract and due diligence and investigations of title and search reports.

Corporate & Commercial

From small business needs to complex corporate and commercial transactions. This practice includes the full range of legal services required by business entities and corporations. We represent clients, from Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

Energy & Natural resources

We have a working experience in the oil industry that spans a period of over twenty years our practice focuses on matters relating to hydrocarbons exploration, production and storage as well as mineral resources exploitation our expertise extends to project development, legal, regulatory and policy issues relevant to the oil and gas, water, electricity and mining sectors. The Firm advises on virtually all aspects from the acquisitions of hydrocarbons, mine licenses, concessions research permits, to investments in oil and gas in emerging markets to corporate social responsibilities and the upstream, oil and gas business.


The Law on environment is still in its infancy in Cameroon we have gone ahead by tapping experiences, from abroad, by attending international symposiums and seminars on environmental Law. Transfer of technology and knowledge is therefore met in this discipline.


We assist in obtaining permits for exploration and exportation of products. We advise on the interpretation and implementation of laws and regulations.


We assist in the procurement of work, trade permits, resident permits and expatriate quotas..

Information Technology and Telecommunication

This is a relatively new field in Cameroon Law. Through seminars, we have had an advantage of moving ahead. We advise on telecommunication law and regulation in Cameroon and contractual issues in the area of interconnection, access, peering and out sourcing. We undertake drafting and negotiation of agreements for the supply and maintenance of information technology and telecommunications systems including licensing and distribution .

Intellectual Property

Matters related to trade marks, patents, copyright franchising licensing are usually, contentious. We provide our know-how in this domain.

Investment & Project Finance

We advise on the procedures for the transfer of foreign equity holdings and technology into the country. We prepare international joint venture agreements; share option agreements, and other documentation relevant to help take-off the investor’s commercial venture. We provide investment consultancy services to foreign investors on how to set up business in Cameroon. Our services extend to preparing due diligence documentation and aid procurement of expatriate quotas. We also provide legal advice on tax and other financial incentives available in Cameroon for the potential investor and help process the grant of such incentives by relevant government bodies.


We render legal advice on various aspects of shipping (carriage of goods by sea) including charter parties, bills of lading, casualties and salvage. We also render consultancy in the area of marine insurance and risk management, be it for ships and off shore installations. We advice on ship sales and purchase contracts, mortgages and also prepare documentations thereof.

Off-shore Financing

Offshore finance has been the subject of increased attention since 2000 and more so since the April 2009 G20 meeting. We assist clients and accompany them throughout their voyage inquest of finances, by going through all the documentations, terms sheet.

Oil & Gas

We have been in involved in both upstream and downstream oil& gas matters in this field for the past 28 years in different capacities. Negotiate with government for and behalf of our private clients.

Taxation / Customs

Our team is comprised of tax experts that advise local and foreign clients on a variety of tax issues.

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